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Sean Thurman is a musician, producer, podcaster, and writer from Lewiston, NY. He has written, performed and produced over 50 songs. You can hear Sean play his entire catalog with freshly inspired acoustic versions, as well as some choice covers or performing with his bands Phriendly Phoes or Roy G. Biv all over NY. Find his body of work at 

Sean's solo work is eclectic and ranges from acoustic singer/songwriter, to guitar heavy rock anthems, to moody & psychedelic electronic beats. In all of these solo ventures, he handles %100 of the writing, instrumentation, and production process, giving him the freedom to make every artistic decision. He released his first solo album "Cold River" in 2016 followed up by "Making Noise with Broken Toys" in 2017.  Under the moniker Monti Kingu, he  released The Legend of Monti Kinguin 2019 and the first single Praised Beyond Beliefoff his second album in 2024. His second album will be released later in 2024. 

Phriendly Phoes is a genre blending psychedelic funk-hop duo, consisting of live-looping multi-instrumentalist Sean Thurman and percussionist Pete Schreiber. Phoes released their debut album “Harmless” in 2020 followed up by “Painting Scripture” in 2023.

Roy G Biv is a Buffalo based indie-funk/post-jam band consisting of drummer Tyler "Smidge" Midgley, bassist Evan Waterstrat, pianist Mike Thompson and guitarist Sean Thurman. Roy G Biv released their debut album "It's About Time" in 2022, and is currently recording their second album. 


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"Ardent vocal pushes, jam-friendly rock appeal"

Obsure Sound

"Old school voice and punk beat"


"Compelling mood, attitude and energy"

Various Small Flames

"Swaggering grooves, textured production"

Return Of Rock