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Indie-Funk | Post-Jam 

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Buffalo based Roy G Biv formed in 2017 as a progressive idea of combining influences and genres into something greater than their individual parts. Driven by undertones of jam music and heavy funk grooves, this quartet comes heavily equipped on the rhythm section with long time duo Evan Waterstrat (Bass) and Tyler “Smidge” Midgley (Drums) providing ever-often saucy foundational flows while Sean Thurman (Guitar) and Mike Thompson (Keys) paint high mountains and deep caverns over those canvases. This allows Roy G Biv to seamlessly bend the genres to their will. With bits of improvisation sprinkled atop dance grooves, fat funk, hip-hop verses, soul vocals, and even hardcore breakdowns - the quartet has not been known to shy away from much. Roy G Biv released their first album “It’s About Time” in April of 2022, and is available to stream on all platforms. Through several years of working together Roy G Biv remains a creative force, where no two shows are the same. Roy G Biv is currently working hard on recording new content and playing across the NY area. Music is a language and allows for several conversations without words. Roy G Biv believes in the exploration and expression of oneself through music, atmosphere, great company and deep connections. We invite you to come and join in on the fun and celebrate Buffalo through sound and light.

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Tyler "Smidge" Midgley



Evan Waterstrat



Sean   Thurman



Mike Thompson